Welcome to the ICG Women Conductors Group!

The ICG WCC was formed toward the end of 2021 by ICG female
members of the Board of Directors, Ms. Cynthia Katsarelis, Dr. Julie Sorensen, 
Dr. Anna Binneweg, Dr. Mercedes Garcia Diaz and Dr. Lyn Schenbeck.


The Women Conductor Group is designed for all women conductor members of the
International Conductors Guild. 

It's mission is one of empowerment, leadership and support. 

Four pillars have been identified to focus the work of this group:

I. Mentorship

II. Empowerment

III. Advocacy

IV. Professional Development 

If you are interested in joining the ICG Women Conductor Group, 
please CLICK HERE and complete this form.

Watch for more information and activities as this group develops strategies
for addressing the above pillars!